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This section contains links to information resources of Belarus consulting, marketing, export insurance agencies and financial institutions

National Centre for Marketing and Price Study

Export support e-portal



EDS public-key certificate

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Brest Branch of the Belarusian CCI

Vitebsk Branch of the Belarusian CCI

Grodno Branch of the Belarusian CCI

Gomel Branch of the Belarusian CCI

Minsk Branch of the Belarusian CCI

Mogilev Branch of the Belarusian CCI

Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Export support

Brokerage services / bonds

Belarus-China projects

SMEs support

Export-Import Insurance Company of the Republic of Belarus

National Leasing Operator – Promagroleasing JSC

International leasing (export financial leasing with condition of redemption of lease subjects)

Export of equipment with instalments

Export of vehicles set with instalments

Business unions and associations:

Republican Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Industrial Enterprises Association “BelAPP”

Belarusian Scientific-Industrial Association

Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

SMEs Association “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”

Innovation Association “Republican Centre for Technology Transfer”

Exhibitions and fairs national operators:

Technics and Communications JSC (Healthcare of Belarus, PharmExpo, Stomatology, InterStyle, TIBO, DIGIPRINT, TORG IT, Television and Multimedia Technologies / TMT, Chemistry, Oil and Gas, Transport and Logistics, Logistics Engineering, ENERGYEXPO, EXPOLIGHT, Water and Air Technologies, etc.)

BelExpo National Exhibition Centre RUE (food, agriculture, machinery, metal, military, packaging, construction, furniture, house, textile, leisure, tourism, hunting and fishing, wedding, school, childhood, new year’s festivity, gifts and presents)

MinskExpo JSC (clothing, footwear, textile, work wear, sewing, laundry, hygiene, medicine, health, beauty, sports, food, packaging, horeca, agriculture, metal industry, welding and cutting, automation and electronics, construction, road construction, wood working, furniture, autoservice, mechanics, autocomponents, tourism)

EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company (education and career, healthy lifestyle, ecology, eco products, HoReCa, water and heat, furniture, industry, family, 50+, packaging and storage, bank, insurance, leasing, residential and commercial real estate)

Belinterexpo of the Belarusian CCI (Belarusian exhibitions abroad, local exhibitions: Mint Lion, World of Sports and Health)

Expolist LLC (leather, fur, pottery, ceramics, small gifts, home design)

Exposystems LLC (belarusian house, european style remodeling, cottage, wood and frame construction, sauna and baths, outside activities, winter sports, grill and barbecue, moto-velo, stone, memorials)

ExpoStatus Exhibition Company LLC (weddings, floristics, design

Belarusian Diplomatic Missions

All Missions Belarus' Foreign Ministry
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